SML Vessel Pump Out Program

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SML Vessel Pump Out Program



 The Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission (TLAC) is pleased to announce that the  Vessel Pump out Program will be available beginning Saturday, May 13th for the 2017 summer season and concluding September 30, 2017.  Pump out services will be provided by two pump out sanitation trucks. The pump out program will be available each Saturday and Sunday each week as well as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

This year’s program will operate similar to previous years. Boaters are encouraged to call and schedule their vessel pump outs in advance.  Boaters can call (540) 597-9834 Monday through Thursday from 9 – 4 to schedule their vessel pump out for the upcoming weekend.  Additionally, the crew will try to work in other pump out requests by boaters who call Friday through Sunday.

 This program has been a cooperative effort of the Smith Mountain Lake Association (SMLA) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).  All funding for the program will continue to be provided by those two agencies.  TLAC will continue to partner in this program by providing program administration.    Rob Whitener, a SMLA representative, will coordinate pump out crew operations. The partnering agencies view the Pump Out Program as a valuable service with an emphasis on helping to protect the lake’s water quality and the need to continue education efforts.

The Pump Out program was initially begun as an effort to educate the public about the No Discharge Zone regulations at Smith Mountain Lake which prohibit any vessel from discharging sewage (treated or untreated) into the lake.  Arrangements can also be made for boats to meet the pump out crew at a convenient marina. In addition to the Pump Out program, numerous marinas around the lake offer vessel pump out services.   Boaters can call (540) 597-9834 to request pump out services.    For more information on the program, call (540) 721-4400.